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Volkswagen SA (Uitenhage) Compressed Air and Cooling Water Reticulation
R 1.7m
Volkswagen SA (Uitenhage) Die Truck Installation R 13.8m
Lalesse Europe BV Storage Rack Facility For Car Bodies
(VWSA – Uitenhage)
R 3.1m
Volkswagen SA (Uitenhage) Modifications to L.P.G.Gas Line R 0.5m
Volkswagen SA (Uitenhage) 2K Spot Repair Booth 
R 8.2m
Volkswagen SA (Uitenhage) Scrap Conveyor System R 2.5m
Volkswagen SA (Uitenhage) Upgrade 3rd Colour Booth & Washout R 4.3m
FES GmbH Piping for Coolant Filtration System (VWSA – Uitenhage) R 1.7m
Borbet SA Powder and Wet Plant Upgrades R 9.4m


Borbet SA Powder Plant Modifications R 1.9m
Saffil Automotive Access and support Platforms for Process Tanks R 0.7m
Volkswagen SA (P.E. Plant) Electro coating small parts dipping and rinsing facility R 22.4m
Volkswagen SA (Uitenhage) Relocation of Presses R 2.6m
Volkswagen SA (Uitenhage) Repair Booth for Japan Line R 2.7m
Volkswagen SA (Uitenhage) Conveyor System for Japan Line R 3.5m
Volkswagen SA (Uitenhage) Upgrade 2nd Colour Spraybooth R 12.7m
Volkswagen SA (Uitenhage) VW Colour Line C R 15.8m


The above list is not exhaustive as we have also done installations for other companies such as Heraeus Chemicals, General Motors, Continental / Gentyre, Goodyear, CompAir SA and Aberdare Cables.


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