Oilco Engineering
Engineering systems and engineers in Port Elizabeth

Management and Ownership


  • Jorg Steinbach
    The Design and Technical function of the company is overseen by Jorg Steinbach with a team of draughtsman.

    Jorg has been in the manufacturing industry for the past forty years and offers our clients a wealth of expertise and knowledge.
  • Geoff Sanders
    Together with our team of office staff, Geoff oversees the Financial and Administration function of the company.


Our current workforce includes the following :

  • A Workshop Foreman
  • A Safety Manager
  • A Site Manager

Our core workforce is headed by the Workshop Manager who is well supported by a team of competent workers.

Because our work is project specific, our current workforce is supplemented by sourcing additional labour from a reputable labour broker who has been providing us with this service for the past ten years.

In the event that we require additional labour, we have access to a large pool of skilled and semi skilled workers who have been involved with the company for the past ten years.

This has allowed us to have continuity as these workers are familiar with our work processes and job requirements.

Affirmative Action / BEE Initiatives

  • Oilco Engineering acknowledges and accepts the concept of affirmative action and will in no way shy away from it's responsibility to create and foster an environment that is conducive to the development and upliftment of their staff
  • Our staff compliment is relevant to the current structure of the company and consists of the following:

a) Office Administrators 2 Coloured Females

b) Workshop Manager Coloured Male

c) Safety Manager / Officer Coloured Male

  • We have achieved a score of 23.33 out of 25 for employment equity

Occupational Health & Safety

Oilco Engineering fully supports and acknowledges the objectives of the Occupational Health & Safety Act No.85 of 1993 and to this extent employs a full time Health and Safety Officer / Manager.

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